No words can explain..~S.A.D~

Why am I so sad??

I have been disappointed about something..

Mebbe when I'm lonely, I often feel sad..huhu~

When I'm sad, the world may seem dark and unfriendly.

I feel like I have nothing to look forward to.

The hurt deep inside may crush my usually good mood.

Sadness also makes me feel like crying..

and sometimes the tears are hard to stop.

But crying often makes me feel better..

Sometimes when my mood is sad..

I just feel like being alone for a little while..

but sumtimes I might want someone to comfort me

or just keep me company while I go through the sad feeling.

And also talking about what has made me sad

usually helps the sad feeling melt away.

(but who wanna talk to me??listen to bla bla bla..??*haihhh >_<)

When sadness starts to go away..

it can feel like a heavy blanket is being lifted from my shoulders..haha~

Dear ALLAH..

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku..

May all sadness in my life will go away..

and i could create the happiest moment for my whole life~

~..i have 2 cheer up myself..~



Day Dreamer said...

be happy & smile always.

ixana said...